Professional Management Services

Our Management Company is here to provide quality services, market expertise, and to save our clients time and money by handling the daily operations of your investment.

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Benefits of Using Champion Property Management

“No Hassle”

  • Market Knowledge: A Professional manager has a wider knowledge of the area or neighborhood, what similar homes are renting for, and the appropriate rent to ask for your property.
  • Legal Forms: Researched forms used to protect your best interest.
  • Screening Procedures: Used for screening and evaluating lease applications.
  • Repair Vendors: Easy access to quality repair services, professional discounts, etc. Our property managers handle all maintenance repairs efficiently.
  • Rent Collections and Evictions: Collect rents, process Non Payment of Rent notices, and guide through the court process when necessary.
  • Account Statements: Both monthly and annual, to help you with your taxes.
  • Owner Privacy: A professional manager ensures YOUR privacy regarding tenant calls.
  • Investor Consulting: Sale Analysis, rate of return, LLC vs. Corp vs. Sole Proprietor, Liability Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, lead paint and mold issues, 1031 exchanges, where do landlords stand?
  • Establish Service Schedule and Budgets: Property Inspections, preformed initially every 6 months, and upon move out.
  • Rent with Option to Buy: If the Landlord and Tenant agree, we can guide the Tenant through the Mortgage process to purchase your property at the end of the lease term.
  • Preferred Renter Program: Unique rent to own program—tenant capture system funded by Champion Property Management.
  • Call Capture System: used to provide 24 hour recorded description of property and call capture on all incoming numbers.
  • Live answering of phone calls: Prompt attention to showings and repair issues. We answer live or provide quick response usually within 30 minutes.
  • Market/Advertise Properties : With Section 8, local rental agencies and link to over 30 websites to increase property exposure.
  • Peace of Mind: A professional manager, via his/her skills in all of the mentioned, provides you with increased peace of mind…. You don’t have to cope with all of the above


  • Flat Fee– Landlord Assist

Flat fee charged to advertise and market your property with our “No Hassle” system. Signage, Advertising, forms, leases and check lists are provided. Linked to over 30 websites. Landlord handles the tenant calls and completes the lease paperwork.

  • Flat Fee—Rental only

Flat fee charged to rent out your property with our “No Hassle” system. Signage, Advertising, forms, leases and check lists are
provided. Linked to over 30 websites. CPM Inc., handles the tenant calls, shows the property, and completes the lease paperwork.


Monthly management provides a sometimes needed buffer between landlord and tenant.  Possible discounts for multiple units. Leasing fee is 1/2 of one months rent on this program. We handle the calls and much more.

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